CATHOLIC CHURCH HIJINKS: The Catholic Church is showing once again how horridly out of touch they are: needless to say-touch is the key word here as they sanctified touching children for decades. Pope Francis is calling the worlds Bishops & others to the Vatican for a meeting on the child abuse which has run rampant-probably a hell of a lot longer than a few decades. Two Cardinals (US Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke & german Cardinal Walter Brandmueller) have claimed it was not 'abuse of power", that caused this long time plague-but Homosexuality: wasn't it both? Too many priests who aren't supposed to have sex with women-end of turning to men & boys. This church -in my mind-is a criminal organization since it continued to allow this crime to continue & pass along perverted priests & other "employees" to another parrish; Theodore McCarrick-former cardinal & Archbishop of Washington DC-was defrocked  recently for abuse of children. The church thinks this is a bold step: why in the hell isn't this pedophile not in jail? The church is like the mafia-with its own set of rules-but unlike the mafia makes those who break rules-pay-usually with their life. To me-except for murder-there's nothing much more horrendous than child molestation. Too many of the church hierarchy & other lower miscreants are getting away with this kind of psychological murder & aiding & abetting others who have no shame-but a lot of drooling access to young boys who don't know any better.




JUSSIE SMOLLETT::Jussey gets a 16 count indictment: he's hired a one-time Michael Jackson attorney (Mark Geragos) to help: Geragos already hit the media stating there will be surprises made in due time-but Smollet seems like a head case (just like Michael Jackson). It's hard to believe Smollet's career isn't ruined but in America-even criminals have a second act (see Jim Baker);


Speaking of Michael Jackson: the HBO documentary aired recently:it simply reminded us just how creepy a guy MJ was. The family of the two boys who were the focus of this show-were almost just as guilty since they threw their (at the time) children into the Lions Den at "Neverland"-Jackson's retreat where young biys were the treat Jackson fed himself. The parents- interviewed in this documentary-were a pathetic site to watch as they still seem to never get enough of the spotlight: it was easy to buy off these lowlifes & their children are just looking for another payday.



Help Reduce Crime: Legalize Prostitution! Robert Kraft may be a billionaire-but he gets his kicks-gettin' his chicks at two bit massage parlor outlets; we spend so much time going after typical guys who just want to get some sex action-if it was legal we could use our resources elsewhere for more important & real criminals; besides-maybe we allow some down & out types who just need some sexual healing-they might not resort to more lethal ways of recreation; this entire situation is absurd. We seem to be learning what a waste criminalization of marijuana is & was-now it's time to move on to legalizing sex & just maybe-we can reduce America's vast sex crime problem.

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