Jussey Smollett gets what he deserves with a 16 count indictment: how weird is this head case?

Manafort gets 7 + years total; Trump may wait until 2020 campaign is over before even attempts to grant him a pardon--but in the end-another Trump lowlife faces time: it's like the book title says: everything trump touches-dies


FOX & Frauds work for Trump

Jane Mayer: Investigative Reporter for The New Yorker Magazine has published a great piece on the relationship between Trump & Fox News. It's difficult to say who is more horrid on this network, but head chump for Trump is that block-headed oddball-Sean Hannity. Hacks like Hannity are spread out all over America- once the right-wing thing became popular. Their hallmark is making complex issues seem simplistic to the empty headed buffoons who listen and buy into this absurd propaganda. Hannity allegedly calls Trump after each of his fraudcasts to get Trump's take on the show. Why would his take differ from night to night? This show (as in most Fox presentations) is basically the same show every night> Democrats bad-Republicans good. The spinning goes on from there & the funny thing to watch 


It's So Easy Duping the Right_Wing Crowd: Roger Ailes was the brains behinds what should have been obvious>>it's simple to feed the slop Fox dishes out because the dimwitted among us begin & end their lives as idiots because of genetics; they can't think-they don't read anything which is involved & they refuse to buy anything that doesn't fit into their preconceived idea about what's real and what the truth is: in essence they always end up voting against their own self interest because they are so easily fooled. How many of these poor slobs could actually use affordable health care? why would anyone be against Obama's order to car companies to achieve better miles per gallon on their automobiles within 10 years? Even if there was no mankind effect on climate change--why wouldn't the typical person be in favor of cleaning up the air, water and environment: we need a clean planet to survive for Christ's sake. 



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