Jussey Smollett gets what he deserves with a 16 count indictment: how weird is this head case?

Manafort gets 7 + years total; Trump may wait until 2020 campaign is over before even attempts to grant him a pardon--but in the end-another Trump lowlife faces time: it's like the book title says: everything trump touches-dies


GUNs & More Shootings

There's so many mass shootings these days-it's hard to see any one as worse than the last; it's almost like the "Breaking News" gimmick which all news/media networks utilize to catch your attention. The "Breaking News" is hardly breathtaking or important for all intents & purposes. In the old days-a news bulletin meant something important was about to be announced: LBJ sending ground troops to Vietnam--JFK's assassination-Nixon resignation...and so on. In today's media world-greed & profit are the main criteria & whatever gets the numbers going is utilized...hence..."Breaking News" is used & used over & over again until it's basically useless.

Now-even mass killings are becoming the norm; that's the world we live in.



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