Jussey Smollett gets what he deserves with a 16 count indictment: how weird is this head case?

Manafort gets 7 + years total; Trump may wait until 2020 campaign is over before even attempts to grant him a pardon--but in the end-another Trump lowlife faces time: it's like the book title says: everything trump touches-dies


Larry Arnette &

I'm back after a 10 year recess but will steadily build my platform to communicate what is LarrysBottomLine: I cut through the crap & tell it like it is--at least I'd like to think so.

LarrysBottomLine presents my views on all people, events & crisis that make our world so much fun & insane. From my radio , TV shows & columns I've done in the past-I now am back to reveal the real BottomLine as it pertains to events that are coming at us hourly--now that we have 24/7 communication. I'm just beginning this process by building this website & then onto a Podcast which now appears to be the popular platform in which to speak out.

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